Heather Johnson


Heather Johnson, originally from a small town in Michigan, went to four colleges studying college life and Interior Design before landing at Rochester Institute of Technology and earning her degree in Photography. With her attention to detail and color, Heather takes the ordinary and pulls out the extraordinary. She uses her interior design background to explore the relationships between the people she photographs and the surrounding environments that inspire her.
She is based in New York City.
Notable achievements include an Honorable Mention in American Photo Images of the Year 2008
Some of Heather's clients include:
AARP, American Way, Business Week, Bust, Der Spiegel, Field & Stream, Fortune, Fortune Small Business, Inc., Island Def Jam, Kiplinger's, Lifestyles, Money Magazine, Parade, Readers Digest, Runners World, Stern, Technology Review, The London Times, Volvo, Wired